Vincent Leroy Unveils Monumental 'The Blue Floating Lines' Installation in Wuhan

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Vincent Leroy is best known for his abstract sculptures inspired by nature. The French artist’s previous projects include a geodesic structure in Tokyo that reflected the sky and a rotating pixelated version of the sun at the Kumming mall in China. Leroy returns with a new public work entitled The Blue Floating Lines which is currently installed at the new Heartland 66 mall in Wuhan, China.

Curated by Debut Studio, the installation features three towering metal poles with rotating abstract forms. “The atmosphere is fluid, soft and endless. No beginning, no end, just a continuous flow,” said the artist in a statement. “ It’s a work from the slowness, a abnormally slowness. This motion decomposition explains and intrigues at the same time. The slowness creates another dimension. I try to lead the spectator into this state of mind.”

The artist’s intention for this work is stop passersby’s on their tracks and engage in a moment of contemplation. The poetic piece explores the dynamic between technology and the freedom of the spirit. “It’s a reflection on our relationship with the speed and distance of reality and a search for the natural rhythm of its own internal harmony‘…so essential in today’s world,” he explained.

Get a closer look at The Blue Floating Lines in the video above and then head to Vincent Leroy’s website to view more projects.

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Heartland 66
Jinghan Avenue
Qiaokou District, Wuhan

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Source Credit:  Content and images by HYPEBEAST.  Read the original article -