Vuse’s Creative Collective Takes Art to New Heights in Latest Installation

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Through its close-knit collaborations with McLaren, Tomorrowland festival and others, Vuse has made a considerable impact on the art scene, shining the spotlight on up-and-coming creatives in must-see installations across the globe. Now, as the brand ushers its 10 years of championing creativity, it celebrates its own artistic family in a special showcase.

Exhibited at cloud-grazing heights, the respective installation utilizes the latest technology from private weather balloons to launch 12 works of art into the earth’s stratosphere. A symbolic representation of art and its ability to transcend time and space, the unique showcase marked a record-breaking feat, verified by the World Record Certification Agency, which has never been seen or attempted in the art world before.

The series itself – curated by leading Vuse creative George Rollo – features the British artist’s own work alongside those of Spanish photographer Jordi Koalitic and latest addition to the Vuse art family Farahzada El Shihy. Keeping to the theme of boundless creativity, each masterpiece provides a response to the word “limitless,” with the three creatives exploring their personal interpretations through their distinctive artistic styles. From El Shihy’s recognizable line drawings to Koalitic’s nature-meets-technology photography, the showcase illuminates the diverse and multi-faceted style of the contemporary art scene.

Speaking on the earth-orbiting exhibition, El Shihy, an Egyptian artist and designer, said: “Being able to work with Vuse and create a record-breaking art installation is a moment in my art journey and career I never imagined possible, and one that I hope will inspire fellow creatives in the region to follow their dreams and passions. Together we have been able to break the mold and charge beyond the mainstream. I can’t wait to see where we go next”.

Scott Fenton, BAT’s head of audience growth and alliances, adds, “Creativity knows no bounds – and Vuse has just proved it. This world record shows that these inspiring moments are when the power of creativity shines through. Vuse is committed to championing up and coming artists and this is just another level up of how we can look to achieve impossible things with the help of our creative community.”

Take a closer look at the pieces featured in the gallery above. For more information on the project, head to Vuse’s YouTube page.

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Source Credit:  Content and images by HYPEBEAST.  Read the original article -