Through the Lens: John Yuyi

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Through The Lens spotlights emerging and established photographers from around the world. The ongoing series is dedicated to offering unique insights in varying areas of photographic expertise including portrait, landscape, fine art, fashion, documentary and more.

Chiang Yu-yi, better known by her professional persona John Yuyi, embodies the spirit of the post-Internet generation, where her artistic pursuits are deeply influenced by this era. Before establishing herself as an artist and photographer, Yuyi captivated digital audiences as a fashion influencer, showcasing her distinctive style on social media. However, it was her quest for a fresh creative outlet that truly transformed her path. During her travels between Taiwan and New York in 2015, Yuyi sought a more permanent presence in the latter city, leading her to sell temporary tattoos online as a means to fund her artist visa application. Starting with her own illustrations and later incorporating photographs from her swimwear collection, Yuyi’s tattoo designs evolved into conceptual expressions, featuring symbols of the social media landscape. Her tattoos and accompanying images gained widespread acclaim, establishing her as a prominent figure in the art world.

Yuyi’s artistic exploration extends to the human body, considering it both as a canvas for expression and a subject of inquiry. Her temporary tattoos have undergone various intriguing iterations, including unconventional placements on raw meat cuts and the incorporation of dating app profiles on human skin, revealing the masks we wear to present ourselves. Magazine commissions have played a significant role in shaping her projects, with her images transferred onto everyday objects like lipsticks, cigarettes, and knives, highlighting the commodification of the human form.

“I believe everything we see shapes and influences our personalities.”

Consumer culture has remained a recurring theme in Yuyi’s career, from her early tattoo-selling venture to the array of products adorned with her imaginative artwork in her online store. Known for their accessibility and playful nature, her creations exude a vibrant ethos. Notably, her action figure, inspired by her amusing project in airplane lavatories, showcases her wit and ability to evoke amusement.”I often choose objects from everyday life that people can relate to, such as items you’d find in a dollar store or ones commonly used by average individuals. Consumerism and commercialism play a role in my work because I believe everything we see shapes and influences our personalities. Advertisements and influencers impact us, and I aim to explore those influences and their effects through my art,” said Yuyi to Hypeart

In a notable collaboration, Yuyi partnered with THE SKATEROOM to create skateboard art editions, influenced by image-based aesthetics and the technological landscapes of the digital era, reflecting the profound impact of these forces on human connections and the universal longing for belonging.

For our latest Through the Lens feature, we synced with Yuyi over a late night FaceTime chat to discuss her personal worldview, her photography practice that challenges societal norms, and her ongoing artistic journey as she explores new horizons.

Source Credit:  Content and images by HYPEBEAST.  Read the original article -