Pen & Paper: Hip Hop Collides with Comic Books in Alejandro Torrecilla's Illustrations

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What is your dream project: a collaboration with Marvel or DC Comics, or even create your own set of characters?

I would love to make FATMAN comics. FATMAN is my character, he’s a fat guy who wants to be a superhero and fight evil. In my comic, there is a lot of emphasis on what the superhero thinks and why he fights. In superhero comics, you usually battle a villain who represents the evils of society. But the focus is not usually put on whether or not what the hero believes is the right way. FATMAN is an antihero: ugly, fat, smokes, is conceited, eats a lot of pizza, talks bad… The concept would be to make staples of 20 or 30 pages where they are self-conclusive stories in which, at the end, FATMAN continues at the same point from where he started.

Do you plan to exhibit these works in a gallery?

Maybe… who knows? I’m open to everything and I have no pretensions or desire to triumph. I try to go game-by-game and enjoy the journey. Maybe this year I’ll do a limited edition silkscreen to move it around galleries.

What new projects do you have for 2024?

What I like most is to illustrate music. I would love a collaboration with Joey Bada$$ or Freddie Gibbs. Make vinyls and projects where you can take an artwork to another level — vinyl, stickers, comics, clothing, or a joint project that would take a lot of imaginary behind the scenes work that would go a step further. I really enjoy illustrating things that relate to each other. But just improving my drawing style, release some posters and enjoy whatever comes my way.

All artwork courtesy of Alejandro Torrecilla for Hypeart.

Source Credit:  Content and images by HYPEBEAST.  Read the original article -