Pedro Barrail. De imagen y tiempo

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Cristina Grajales is proud to present “De Imagen y Tiempo” by Paraguayan artist, Pedro
Barrail. This exhibition serves as a culmination of projects and ideas that have occupied
his creative process since the beginning, exploring themes of self-perception, the passage
of time, and the profound impact of memory. As the artist aptly puts it, “image is our
reality and memory is our salvation.”

Each design differs in materials, technique, and conceptual underpinnings, yet all
are connected by a common thread – their ‘skin’. This exterior surface, altered by time
and different techniques, serves as a powerful expression of transformation and change,
acting as agents for maturity and growth.

Growing up in a family of engineers and architects, Barrail’s playground was
construction sites, influencing his thinking with materials and construction processes.
Over several years, Barrail collected various construction materials that became the basis
for his Huellas Cabinet. This intricately textured creation serves as a poignant homage to
the labor of those who handled these materials, alongside discarded laser-cut wood
composites. The unexpected material serves as an opportunity to compare and confront
the history and processes within each work.

The potential of construction elements as sculptural objects is a recurring theme,
addressing the problem of garbage disposal and its effects in Latin American cities,
particularly in Barrail’s hometown of Asuncion. Barrail’s work serves as a memorial to
consumer culture and aggressive capitalism, juxtaposed against environmental damage
and identity loss.

Pedro Barrail will also present a collection of tattoo work, including cabinets and
seating, where the furniture is “tattooed” by members of the Pai Tavytera tribe. Join us
for an exploration of design that transcends boundaries, inviting viewers to reflect on the
intricate tapestry of self, time, and memory.

Source Credit:  Content and images from Wall Street International Magazine by .  Read the original article -