Para Site Hong Kong Unveils 'Fanatic Heart' Group Exhibition

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Fanatic Heart is a new group exhibition on view at Para Site in Hong Kong. The show explores the relationship between fandom and the socio-political events that have transpired across Southeast and East Asia.

The show comprises of 15 artists who hail from Hong Kong, Japan, mainland China, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam — each of which investigate themes pertaining to modern-day celebrity worship, postcolonial and post-socialist identities, as well as social movements, technological advances and modes of desire within the cultural unconscious.

Highlights include Sin Wai Kin’s parody poster, It’s Always You, Yasumasa Morimura’s equally whimsical Audrey Hepburn Self Portrait, along with Ho Tzu Nyen’s The Nameless video work.

Curated by Cusson Cheng, the exhibition is set to open on December 10 and will run through February 26. See the full list of exhibiting artists below.

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Para Site
22/F, Wing Wah Industrial Building,
677 King’s Rd, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong

Exhibiting Artists:

Haneyl Choi
BuBu de la Madeleine
Guhit Kulay (Maria Christina Castillo Anire, Cristina Balao-as Cayat, Jonalyn Macalalad Molina, and Marilyn Santiago Lopez)
Ho Tzu Nyen
Yuree Kensaku
Dew Kim
Lu Yang
Green Mok
Yasumasa Morimura
Diane Severin Nguyen
Yoshiko Shimada
Sin Wai Kin

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Source Credit:  Content and images by HYPEBEAST.  Read the original article -