Mario Joyce. Amaryllis’ garden

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UTA Artist Space is pleased to announce Amaryllis’
Garden, artist Mario Joyce’s heartfelt homage to his late great-grandmother and the profound
impact her urban oasis in Columbus, Ohio had on him as a child.

Joyce would spend nostalgic hours in his grandmother Amaryllis’ garden, where she, after
whom the exhibition is named, cultivated prize-winning amaryllis flowers. Vintage family
photographs from the 1960s and 70s of Amaryllis’ backyard sanctuary provide the setting for
several of Joyce’s new
paintings. The works
explore conceptualizations
of heaven, paradise,
darkness and light through
the lens of Joyce’s
upbringing as a young,
queer, Black boy growing
up between contrasting
rural and urban worlds.

The mixed-media works
interweave elements of
heavenly bodies, celestial
landscapes and organic
matter, symbolizing a
quest for tranquility amid
the tumultuousness of life as a Black individual in America. A key element of Joyce’s work is the
incorporation of soil sourced from his childhood farm, symbolizing an ancestral connection. This
tangible link to the past is directly embedded within the canvas using oil paint, a technique that
is unique to Joyce’s work.

Additionally, Joyce masterfully uses vintage collage materials, spanning from 1969-1999, as
portals into time. His preservation process of these components showcases his commitment to
presenting narratives through meticulously sourced materials.

I can’t wait to showcase Amaryllis Garden with UTA. The works represent a deeply personal
exploration and evoke a celebration of peace that I found in the sanctuary of my
garden. This is brought to
life through the use of soil,
vintage collage and
impasto brushstrokes.

(Mario Joyce)

“We are excited to
welcome Mario back to the
UTA Artist Space, as a
continuation of our deep
relationship with him and
his works. Embracing his
practice and the evolution
of his art since our last
show in Atlanta has been a
joy,” says UTA Artist
Space director and curator,
Zuzanna Ciolek.

This is Joyce’s second
exhibition with UTA Artist Space since inaugurating the Atlanta pop-up exhibition space at
Pullman Yards in 2022, before opening their permanent location in Midtown Atlanta. Other
notable shows include a residency at the Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture in 2023
and currently on display at Vielmetter in Los Angeles until March 9, 2024.

Mario Joyce is a self-taught African American artist based in Los Angeles. His process began
early and was heavily influenced by prejudices experienced growing up Black and Queer in rural
Ohio. He uses genealogical research, soil from the Ohio farm he grew up on, carefully sourced
vintage collage materials and oil paint to, explore how American History is steeped in selective
storytelling that neglects to share the experiences of marginalized communities. Joyce is a 2023
alum of Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, as well as the Pratt>Forward
residency at New Lab in Brooklyn Navy Yard. He exhibited with UTA Artist Space in Atlanta,
recently closed exhibitions in Milan and Frankfurt, and will be opening his solo exhibition with
UTA Artist Space in Beverly Hills in February 2024. His work is privately owned by many
collectors throughout the United States and abroad.

Source Credit:  Content and images from Wall Street International Magazine by .  Read the original article -