LaRissa Rogers Explores Migration in 'I'll Fly Away' Presentation

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LaRissa Rogers‘ new body of work, ‘I’ll Fly Away,’ is being shown at LISTE 2024 at booth 62 by Super Dakota, exploring themes of migration through the lens of excess and leisure, challenging ideas of access and privilege.

Inspired by Fragonard’s 1767 painting ‘Les Hasards Heureux de L’Escarpolette’ (‘The Swing’), Rogers delves into the racial and gender implications of this iconic 18th-century French artwork. The Rococo era’s indulgent themes and detailed style, exemplified by Fragonard, catered to the aristocracy’s desires. Commissioned by French court member Baron Louis-Guillaume Baillet de Saint-Julien, the painting symbolizes the frivolous pleasures of the elite, a context Rogers critically examines in her work.

Founded in 1996, LISTE Art Fair Basel is an international platform for emerging trends in contemporary art. Each year, it showcases a new generation of galleries and artists, highlighting the latest developments in the art world. This year, 91 galleries from 35 countries will display works by over 100 artists in Hall 1.1 of Messe Basel. The fair features 75 solo presentations and 23 galleries making their debut, offering numerous opportunities for discovering promising new talent.

LISTE Art Fair is open from June 10-16.

Liste Art Fair Basel
Messe Basel, Hall 1.1
Maulbeerstrasse / corner Riehenring 113
4058 Basel

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Source Credit:  Content and images by HYPEBEAST.  Read the original article -