Hyundai Artlab Announces New Editorial Fellowship

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There are many fellowships in the art world, but it’s rare for such support to go directly to independent art writers.

Hyundai Artlab Announces New Editorial Fellowship

Zach Lieberman, Light study / outward energy (2023). Commissioned by Hyundai Artlab. © Zach Lieberman.

Hyundai Artlab is looking for two art writers to back with a US $10,000 fellowship.

The recipients of the Artlab Editorial Fellowship should be ‘dedicated to their geographic regions’ and ‘explore today’s social issues through the lens of contemporary art’, Hyundai Artlab said in a statement.

‘The future of art writing is transnational, multigenerational, and decentralised, and the structures that support it should nurture the diffuse, the diverse, and the local,’ they said.

In return for the support, the Fellows will produce three pieces of writing across formats including art criticism and personal essays.

These pieces will be published this year on Artlab Editorial, which features essays, reviews, and interviews with writers such as Rahel Aima, Dean Kissick, Kenny Schachter, and Linda Yablonsky.

Applications are now open on Artlab Editorial through 28 March, 2023, 11:59pm EST.

The programme is for art writers at any stage of their careers and open to applicants anywhere in the world.

To enrich the experience of the Fellows, the Editorial Fellowship Advisors will include Orit Gat, Shannon Lee, Barry Schwabsky, and Hunter Braithwaite, all of whom are editors or past contributors to Artlab Editorial, which launched in 2022.

Hyundai Artlab at Hyundai Motor Company connects a global network of artists and audiences through exhibitions, commissions, research, and more to support the presentation of works that ‘inspire and broaden our understanding of the world’.

Through partnerships with leading institutions, a comprehensive digital archive, and new writing shared online, Hyundai Artlab aims to provide a global audience ‘the opportunity to reconsider the contemporary and envision the future’. —[O]

Source Credit:  Content and images from Ocula Magazine.  Read the original article -