Hypeart Visits: Katherine Bernhardt

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Katherine Bernhardt, the renowned American painter, has captivated both critics and artists with her dynamic and expressive paintings. Her artistic journey has taken her from depicting fashion models to exploring textile-based abstractions and, most recently, delving into patterned pop imagery.

Bernhardt’s insatiable visual appetite has solidified her reputation as one of the most vibrant and energetic painters of our time. Her early works featured supermodels sourced from fashion magazines, instantly catching the attention of art enthusiasts. As the years passed, she transitioned to creating pattern paintings that encompass a wide range of everyday objects. Tacos, coffee makers, toilet paper, cigarettes, iconic characters like E.T., Garfield, Darth Vader, and the Pink Panther find themselves combined in unexpected ways, all within expansive fields of exuberant color. Bernhardt fearlessly explores her various obsessions, giving each subject thorough examination before moving on to the next. She embraces the essence of painting, allowing herself the freedom to depict whatever she desires, employing canvases that lack illusions, perspective or atmospheric effects. Through her blunt yet poetic approach, each painting feels like a complete thought, engaging viewers with her riotous stream of consciousness.

Bernhardt’s artwork is a visual chronicle of her own life experiences and the broader cultural landscape. She effortlessly synthesizes a wide range of visual material, from childhood sticker books to chance encounters with everyday objects during her travels. Her influences span across art history, drawing inspiration from the likes of Henri Matisse and the Pattern and Decoration movement, as well as contemporary artists such as Peter Doig and Chris Ofili. Bernhardt’s unique voice in painting has earned her the admiration of fellow artists, establishing her as an artist’s artist.

Her vibrant palette ranges from restrained tones to vivid Day-Glo colors. Bernhardt paints her canvases face up on the floor of her studio, employing techniques such as spray paint, thinned-out acrylic puddles, and utilitarian brushwork to highlight the distinct qualities of her chosen motifs. Her process is improvisational and free, allowing for moments of chance and serendipity, while also emphasizing the equal relationship between the artist and the materials she works with.

Currently, David Zwirner Gallery in Hong Kong presents a solo exhibition of Katherine Bernhardt’s new paintings. Running until August 5, the show, titled “Dummy doll jealous eyes ditto pikachu beefy mimikyu rough play Galarian rapid dash libra horn HP 270 Vmax full art,” showcases Bernhardt’s playful interpretation of characters from the immensely popular Pokémon franchise. This exhibition marks her debut solo presentation in Hong Kong and her second collaboration with David Zwirner.

In lieu of her latest show, we connected with Katherine Bernhardt to spotlight her in our ongoing ‘Hypeart Visits’ series where we discussed the playfulness in her work, significant chapters in her prolific career and why she’s often been described as a “painter’s painter.” Read our exclusive interview below.

Source Credit:  Content and images by HYPEBEAST.  Read the original article - https://hypebeast.com/2023/5/katherine-bernhardt-hypeart-visits