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L.E.D. Studio’s So Low table made in collaboration with Gustavo Barroso. Image courtesy of L.E.D. Studios

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Heron Preston launches an innovation hub to explore creative, sustainable ideas.

Heron Preston, a designer known for his focus on responsible production methods, is launching a new venture called L.E.D Studio to explore fresh ideas and engage a younger generation on environmental issues. The studio will serve as a platform, community, and innovation hub, allowing Preston to experiment with concepts and collaborations that prioritize environmental and social consciousness. The launch includes various projects such as a clothing recycling program, a community social network, and a retail store, as well as initiatives to diversify representation in the fashion industry. Preston is aiming to make sustainable practices relatable and culturally relevant while incorporating them into his work.

Guerrilla art in the New York Subway is demanding justice for the late Jordan Neely.

On May 17, commuters at Manhattan’s Broadway-Lafayette station were confronted with an unavoidable message. Activists covered the subway walls with red paint and words demanding justice for Jordan Neely, accusing Eric Adams of having blood on his hands. Neely, a homeless man known for his lively subway performances, was killed by a fellow rider on May 1. The station has become a gathering spot for protests against the city’s discriminatory treatment of unhoused individuals, and the message aimed to highlight the ongoing issues of power imbalances, racism, and neglect faced by marginalized communities.

A rendering of the 50-story skyscraper proposed in San Francisco. Illustration by Solomon Cordwell Buenz/SFYIMBY

Faced with a housing crisis, San Francisco considers a high-rise on the West Side.

San Francisco faces the daunting challenge of constructing 82,000 homes by 2031 and is weighing a potential solution. CH Planning LLC, a developer from Nevada, has proposed a 589-foot tall, 50-story mixed-use building in the Outer Sunset District. The structure would provide 712 apartments, including affordable units, and feature retail spaces, parking facilities, and various amenities. However, the project has encountered controversy due to its attempt to bypass height restrictions—that neighborhood isn’t particularly known for its high-rises—leading to ongoing discussions with the Planning Department.

OpenAI is developing a text-to-model platform that generates 3D images in seconds.

OpenAI is expanding its influence into 3D modeling with the development of Shap-E, a text-to-3D model that simplifies the process of generating 3D assets. The researchers behind Shap-E showcased its capabilities, allowing users to create 3D models simply by typing in a text prompt. While still in the early stages, Shap-E has the potential to disrupt industries such as architecture, interior design, and gaming by streamlining the creation of 3D models that can be printed. OpenAI is actively working on refining Shap-E and has made the software accessible through its GitHub open-source page.

Image courtesy of the Center for Contemporary Arts in Santa Fe

After abruptly closing in April, Santa Fe’s Center for Contemporary Arts is reopening.

The Center for Contemporary Arts (CCA) in Santa Fe, which closed suddenly in April, has reopened its cinema in a limited capacity thanks to community donations and support. Despite financial difficulties worsened by the pandemic and declining attendance, the CCA received a heartfelt outpouring of support, allowing them to resume operations. The board is now seeking strategic partners to help sustain the gallery space and potentially expand programming, signaling a new direction for the CCA.

After a pandemic spike, Americans are finally curbing spending on home improvement.

After a decade of high demand for home improvements, Americans are scaling back their spending on renovations and big-ticket items, leading to a decline in sales for Home Depot. The retailer has warned that its annual sales will decrease for the first time since 2009 as homeowners tighten their budgets and complete projects they started during the pandemic. Factors such as economic concerns, falling lumber prices, and poor weather in California have contributed to the sales decline. Home Depot now projects a 2-5 percent drop in sales for fiscal 2023 and expects earnings to fall between 7-13 percent this year.

Image courtesy of Landor & Fitch

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Source Credit:  Content and images from Surface Magazine by .  Read the original article - https://www.surfacemag.com/articles/heron-preston-led-studio/