Georg Óskar. Good night moon

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“Each painting in this series is a window into my personal experiences, blending the
lines between reality and dreams, much like the twilight moments before sleep”,
these are the words of Icelandic artist Georg Óskar regarding his highly anticipated
third solo exhibition at JD Malat Gallery, Good Night Moon.

This exhibition unveils
Óskar’s new body of work. Deeply personal and emotionally charged, Óskar’s Good
Night Moon offers a painted conversation regarding the different perspectives of
fatherhood, the highs and lows, the joyous days and sleepless nights, all translated
onto canvas.

This exhibition consists of 12 new works serving as a visual documentation of his
everyday life, tackling themes of mental health, parenthood, sleep depravity, and the
mundane. Good Night Moon depicts convivial scrapbook-like abstractions that are
humorous, sarcastic, and abundant in nature, exuding intense energies reminiscent of
neo-expressionists Basquiat, Baselitz, and abstract-expressionist Willem de Kooning.
Portraying subjects infused with emotional intensity, Óskar employs a muted colour
palette that is dictated by his medium and strengthened through the use of cold wax
which imparts texture resulting in a subdued and matte finish. “I want the thickness
and the richness the oil has to offer; I want things to get messy so I can organise that

He began working on Good Night Moon just one month after the birth of his daughter,
as Óskar states “The title reflects my bedtime ritual with my daughter, capturing the
magical moments of night and fitting perfectly with the exhibition’s theme.” The
drastic schedule change when caring for a new-born is a collective feeling parents
know all too well, free-time now seems that of a distant memory, however, Óskar
found solace in his studio: “It became a space where I processed life and time amidst
the demands of parenthood”.

Over the years we have witnessed Óskar’s work in exhibitions Pain Thing and After
the Punch, observing and criticising the mundane aspects of contemporary life
through humorous detailing and cartoon motifs. Good Night Moon surpasses the lens
of the observer, depicting instead, a raw and vulnerable lived experience that
resonates with all who view it. This exhibition celebrates the transitional state of
Óskar’s artistic chrysalis, blurring the lines between spontaneity and intricacy,
portraying compositions that appear more hysterical and integrate text to engage
viewer’s in each painting’s deeper meaning.

To Óskar, painting is a form of meditation that enables healing, creative freedom and
self-expression, “The joy and struggle of painting serve as my primary motivators, it
allows me to be myself without any predefined roles”. The relatability of Good Night
Moon is reflected through its titles and depictions, ‘Surviving Fatherhood’,
‘Mamma Mamma’, ‘Insomnia I Can’t Get No Sleep’, each composition has
an emotional correspondence with Óskar, referring to his work as forms of
“Self-portraiture” acts as personal outlets on display for a universal
demographic. There is a synergy to be found in Óskbetween’s artistic style and the naive
themes Óskar employs, portraying humour and honesty in a world that shamelessly
lies and deceives.

Presented on the first floor of JD Malat Gallery, this exhibition welcomes its visitors
to explore the personal artistic journey Georg Óskar embarks on, displaying raw
themes and stories relating to his new-found fatherhood. Authentic and powerful in
portrayal, those who view Good Night Moon will discover its subjectivity, allowing
each composition to tell its narrative.

Source Credit:  Content and images from Wall Street International Magazine by .  Read the original article -