FRAC Centre Presents “Algiers, Archipelago of Freedoms”

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This weekend is the last chance to catch the “Algiers, archipelago of freedoms” exhibition at the Frac Centre-Val de Loire in Orléans, France.

Curated by Abdelkader Damani and Nadira Laggoune, the two bring together a long list of artists whose reflections draw on memories of African struggles — from striking and little-known revolutionary trajectories, to intimate stories, both historical and fictional.

As the title implies, Algeria is the starting point; a country that experienced several movements for emancipation over the past 50 years. But a larger dialogue surrounding the rest of the continent has manifested since 2011 through a new youth-led movement, whose virtual protests accompany the reappropriation of public space, such as the street and the square.

The exhibition presents a collection of historical photographs, pamphlets, artwork and installations that document these pleas for political reforms, along with better social and working conditions. “Algiers, archipelago of freedoms” is on view at Frac Centre-Val de Loire until January 2, 2022.

Also on view, Alicja Kwade investigates time in her new Seoul exhibition.

Exhibiting Artists:

Sunday Jack Akpan
Marwa Arsanios
Louisa Babari
Fatima Chafaa
François-Xavier Gbré
Caroline Gueye
the Archives of Women’s Struggles in Algeria Project
William Kentridge
Michèle Magema
Fatima Mazmouz
Drifa Mezenner
Mohamed Rachdi
Sadek Rahim
Leïla Saadna
Lydia Saidi
Zineb Sedira Massinouissa
Sofiane Zineb Sedira Massinouissa Selmani Zineb

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Source Credit:  Content and images by HYPEBEAST.  Read the original article -