Altri echi

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Rita Urso gallery is pleased to present the exhibition Altri echi, a group show that brings together the
artworks of artists Antonio Catelani, Filippo Cristini, Dina Danish, Michele Spanghero, Marianne Vierø and the
design duo Martinelli Venezia.

The title of the show quotes the lines of the poem “Burnt Norton”, included in T. S. Eliot’s Four Quartets (1943),
where the theme of time as eternally present is central as both the past and the future converge in it. The
garden, to which the author refers, as the space hosting the show, bears the signs of human presence and
neglect, but it is at the same time a poetic place, in which references to childhood and beyond emerge.
Starting from this reflection on the continuity of time and on the idea of passage as a generative moment of new
forms, the artworks on show emphasize an intrinsic dynamism and a transformative process in progress. The
result is a fluid exhibition itinerary that immerses the viewer in an embracing situation.

At the center of the space, the UNSERIAL.bulbs (2021) installation by Martinelli Venezia consists of a series of
lamps of new production. These light sculptures are based on the transformation of an extremely standardized
mass product, the light bulb, into a unique handcrafted product, the result of experimenting with different blown
shapes, satin or striped and then welded together in compositions with an asymmetrical balance.

The Abwesenheiten in Preuβisch Blau (Assenza in Blu di Prussia) (2021) by Antonio Catelani are characterised
by a constant chromatic transformation. The Prussian blue oil used is a highly unstable colour that, under the
action of sunlight and in contact with the canvas preparation, oxidises and takes on colour variations in a natural
way. Alongside, his ceramic hands entitled stiff (2019), seem to cling to the wall like dynamic organisms,
intentionally forcing the boundaries between drawing and plastic volume through a process of transposition and
“materialisation” of a two-dimensional plane.

Michele Spanghero in the video Monologue (2016) gives voice to the empty Gran Teatro La Fenice recording
its silence through a process of sound stratification. The initial silence and darkness are followed by the gradual
emergence of sound and light, while the artist in backlight on stage listens to the theatre.
Filippo Cristini’s large paintings entitled Fitzcarraldo (2020), explicit reference to the 1982 film by Werner
Herzog, reflect on the theme of the will to power by intertwining in a natural continuum with the branches that
dominate the upper part of the space.

Then, the projection Here / There (2011) by Dina Danish brings into play the viewer firsthand to modify the
structure of the word by interposing himself between the projector and the wall.
The exhibition itinerary concludes with Marianne Vierø’s collages Dot, Dot, Dot – in Lieu of Regularity (2021)
that works on the repetition of sequences of stickers on stationery paper. The original shape-colour combination
is modified through different types of alignments, leading to the creation of new irregular patterns.
The harmonious dialogue among design, painting, sculpture and installation interacts with the container of sui
generis nature which, embodying the signs of time, becomes an integral part of the project.
The sensation of a state of passage from a before to an after, only apparently distinct in the immense flow of
time, seems to remain constant.

Antonio Catelani (Florence, 1962) lives and works in Milan. He attended the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence and the
Stipendium der Akademie Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart. He has taken part in numerous exhibitions in galleries and public
institutions in Italy and abroad: Museo Novecento, Florence (2018-2014), Rita Urso artopiagallery, Milan (2016), Galleria
Nazionale d’Arte Moderna, Rome (2016-2001-1995), Kunstverein aller/Art, Bludenz (A) (2013-2001), Künstlerhaus Palais
Thurn und Taxis, Bregenz (2013-2005-1997), Polo Museale/Galleria dell’Accademia, Florence (2012), Haus der Kulturen der
Welt, Berlin (2012), Museo Pecci, Prato (2012-2002-2000-1998-1991), Quadriennale d’Arte di Roma (2008-1996), MoCA,
Shanghai, China (2006), Museo Marino Marini, Florence (2006), Museo MAN, Nuoro (2005), Palazzo Fabroni Arti Visive,
Pistoia (2004-2002-2001), 10th Sculpture Biennial, Carrara (2000), PAC, Milan (1998-1989-1986), Museo Archeologico,
Florence (1994), Galleria d’Arte Contemporanea, Trento (1993), Berlinische Galerie/Martin Gropius-Bau, Berlin (1992),
Museum Moderner Kunst, Vienna (1991), Kasseler Kunstverein, Kassel (1991), Kölnischer Kunstverein, Cologne (1989),
Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt (1989), Galleria d’Arte Moderna, Bologna (1989-1988), 43rd Venice Biennale (1988).

Filippo Cristini (Como, 1989) lives and works in Milan. He graduated in philosophy and attended the biennial painting
course at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. His solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad include: Dimora Artica, Milan
(2020), Current Project, Milan (2019), Museo G. Fattori, Livorno (2019), Walkin Studio, Milan (2019), Museo di Arte
Contemporanea, Togliatti – RU (2018), Museo della Permanente, Milan (2018), Villa Vertua Masolo, Nova Milanese (2018),
Triennale di Milano, Milan (2017).

Dina Danish (Paris, 1981) is a French-Egyptian artist. She has participated in artist residencies including the Rijksakademie
in Amsterdam, Spinola Banna in Italy, PiST// in Istanbul, A.i.R. Dubai and the American Academy in Rome. Among the
venues of solo and group exhibitions in which she has participated: Barbara Seiler, Zurich (2020-2013-2011), Stigter van
Doesburg, Amsterdam (2020-2018-2016), Rita Urso artopiagallery, Milan (2020), Museo d’Arte Moderna di Bologna (2020),
Martin van Zomeren (2018-2017), Kunsthall Oslo (2017), Stedelijk Museum Schiedam (2015), Nile Sunset Annex, Cairo
(2015), Pool Projects, Zurich (2015), Projects Arts Centre, Dublin (2014), South London Gallery (2014), de Appel Arts Centre,
Amsterdam (2013), SFMOMA, San Francisco (2010). She has been nominated for several awards: Dutch Volkskrant Award,
Prix de Rome in the Netherlands, Abraaj Art Prize in the United Arab Emirates; she received the Illy Present Future Award at
Artissima 18, the Celeste Award and the Barclay Simpson Award in San Francisco.

Martinelli Venezia is a design studio based in Milan and Palermo, founded in 2015 by architects Carolina Martinelli (Milan,
1983) and Vittorio Venezia (Palermo, 1980). Their work has been hosted in galleries and museums in Italy and abroad: the
Musée du Louvre in Paris, the MAXXI in Rome and the Triennale Design Museum in Milan. They collaborate with several
Italian and international brands. Among the exhibitions in Italy and abroad: ‘Frontiere – expressões de design contemporâneo’
for Porto Design Biennale, Casa do Design Matosinhos, Porto (2019), ‘Officine Calderai’ for Manifesta 12, Palermo (2018),
‘Designers select designers’ at The Aram Gallery, London (2018). They have received several awards including: Honourable
Mention The Copper and the House (2019), 1st Design Competition Creativity Award (2016), 1st Design Report Award
(2015), Prime Cup, Triennale di Milano (2007).

Michele Spanghero (Gorizia, 1979) is a visual and sound artist. His work ranges from the field of sound art, sculpture and
photographic research in a versatile, yet coherent way so much so that he received the nomination of “Best young Italian
artist 2016” by Artribune magazine. He has exhibited and performed in various international contexts such as Jardin des
Tuileries, Paris, Le Centquatre, Paris, Hyundaii Motorstudio, Beijing, School of the Art Institute, Chicago, Darb 1718 Center,
Cairo, Egypt, Museum of Modern Art, Istanbul, Ars Electronica festival, Linz, Technisches Sammlungen, Dresden, Italian
Embassy, Brussels, Festival Tina-B, Prague, Vžigalica Galerija, Ljubljana. Exhibition venues in Italy include Mart, Rovereto,
Palazzo Te, Mantova, Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria, Perugia, Galleria Civica, Modena, Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa,
Venice, Tempio di Adriano, Rome, 16th Quadriennale d’arte, Rome. He has exhibited in various solo and group shows at the
Galleria Mario Mazzoli (Modena, Berlin) and the Galleria Alberta Pane (Venice, Paris) by which he is represented.

Marianne Vierø (Copenhagen, 1979) has been artist in residence at the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten in
Amsterdam, the Triangle Arts Association in NYC and Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin. Her recent solo exhibitions include:
‘Figure Bold’ at Rita Urso artopiagallery, Milan (2019), ‘Coat Concave’ at die Raum, Berlin (2017), ‘Glyph’ at 427, Riga (2015),
‘Great Transformantion’ (2014) and ‘Dunk’ (2017) at Ellen de Bruijne Projects, Amsterdam, followed by participation in LISTE
Basel. She has participated in group exhibitions at: Sundy, London (2019), Nida Art Colony, Nida (2019), Gerrit Rietveld
Academie, Amsterdam (2018), Helper, Brooklyn, New York (2017), Future Gallery, Berlin (2016), De Vleeshal, Middelburg
(2015), the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Oslo (2015) and 1857, Oslo (2010).

Source Credit:  Content and images from Wall Street International Magazine by Wall Street International.  Read the original article -