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Still from “Color” by Alteronce Gumby

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With Color, Alteronce Gumby Takes a Close Look at His Forever Muse

Alteronce Gumby has crossed a number of career “firsts” off his list. With numerous profiles, gallery exhibitions, and his inaugural museum show behind him, he’s now turned his attention to Color, his forthcoming documentary. The film follows Gumby on his journey to catalog the cultural and creative significance of color in such places as New Orleans’ Mardis Gras celebrations, India’s Holi festival, and even the Northern Lights. Gumby has invited friends and fans to support Color and earn exclusive perks like a tour of his studio, acknowledgments in the film’s credits, and a complimentary copy of his new Dark Matter exhibition catalog. —Jenna Adrian-Diaz

Architectural model of the new Kirin Nadar Museum of Art by David Adjaye

The Kiran Nadar Museum of Art plans to reveal a model for its Delhi building in Venice.

The Kiran Nadar Museum of Art (KNMA) is preparing to reveal an architectural model of its forthcoming building designed by architect David Adjaye. The unveiling will occur during the Venice Architecture Biennale in an exhibition called “Mnemonic,” which will feature the model as well as artworks from KNMA’s collection. The museum’s new location in Delhi will serve as India’s largest cultural center, showcasing a significant portion of the museum’s collection and hosting diverse exhibitions and performances, while emphasizing its commitment to becoming a global hub for artistic expression.

Germany convicts five men for their involvement in Dresden’s Green Vault jewel heist.

In November 2019, the city of Dresden, Germany, was shocked when a hundred-million-dollar royal jewelry collection was stolen from the historic Green Vault. Five members of the notorious Berlin crime family known as the Remmo Clan were recently convicted and sentenced for their involvement in the heist. The trial exposed the flaws in the German justice system as the accused had a history of crimes and were able to plan and execute the robbery while facing unrelated charges. The trial also revealed the audacious methods used by the thieves, including cutting a hole in a metal grate and using a stolen pneumatic tool to break into the vault. Although the majority of the stolen loot was recovered, some pieces remain missing. The plea deal made by the defendants has left unanswered questions about the full extent of the family’s involvement in the heist.

An AR mirror at Coach’s SoHo flagship in New York. Image courtesy of Coach

Coach’s use of AR mirrors may seem gimmicky at first, but hints at the future of retail.

Augmented reality is being embraced by retailers as a powerful tool to attract customers. Coach, for example, has installed an “AR mirror” on the storefront of its SoHo flagship store in Manhattan. The mirror uses AR technology to display a video of passersby holding various versions of Coach’s popular handbag, enticing them to enter the store and try on the products in person. The installation has already increased attention to the storefront display by 93.5 percent and boosted in-store traffic by nearly 50 percent. AR mirrors like these are expected to become an essential part of the retail experience, offering customers the opportunity to virtually try on items and make purchases without a physical store’s large footprint.

The University of Oxford will remove the Sackler name from buildings and positions.

The University of Oxford will remove the Sackler name from various spaces and positions due to the family’s association with the opioid crisis. The university conducted a review of its relationship with the Sackler family and concluded that buildings, spaces, and staff positions bearing the Sackler name will no longer do so. While the name will be taken down from galleries, the library, and staff titles, it will be retained on a plaque and donor board for historical purposes, with any donations received from the family used for educational intentions. Several other institutions have already taken similar actions in order to distance themselves from the Sackler name.

Yale creates a scholarship honoring Mickalene Thomas, who will mentor recipients.

Celebrated artist Mickalene Thomas has been honored by collectors Bernard Lumpkin and Carmine D. Boccuzzi, Jr., who have established a scholarship at the Yale School of Art in her name. The Mickalene Thomas Scholarship will provide financial assistance to an outstanding MFA student each year, with Thomas personally mentoring the recipients throughout their two-year program. The scholarship aims to support students with financial needs, allowing them to focus on their creative development without the burden of tuition worries.

Beinecke Library at Yale University. Photography by Iwan Baan

The Vitra Design Museum will feature photographer Iwan Baan’s first retrospective.

The Vitra Design Museum will feature the first major retrospective of Dutch photographer Iwan Baan in October. The exhibition will showcase Baan’s documentation of the growth of global megacities and his portrayal of renowned architects like Herzog & de Meuron, Rem Koolhaas, and Zaha Hadid. Organizers described Baan’s photography as vibrant realism, emphasizing the connection between people and their built environment, capturing everyday life, and showcasing the significance of architecture and urban design. As part of NYCxDesign, the museum will host a discussion between Baan and curator Anna-Mea Hoffmann on May 19.

Lisa Schiff closes SFA Advisory after being accused of operating a Ponzi scheme.

Lisa Schiff, a prominent art adviser, has reportedly closed her business, SFA Advisory, following accusations from long-term clients that she defrauded them through a system of deception involving her companies. The collector Candace Carmel Barasch and lawyer Richard Grossman filed a lawsuit claiming that Schiff failed to pay them $1.8 million owed from the sale of a painting at Sotheby’s Hong Kong. The lawsuit alleges that Schiff operated a Ponzi scheme, using client funds for personal expenses such as luxury apartments, travel, shopping sprees, and tuition fees, while failing to fulfill financial obligations to clients.

A dress by seven-year-old Max Alexander. Image via

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